4 July.   Reading the signs of the times is an important but challenging skill that the group of elderly and grandparents often discussed.   “If evil is allowed to triumph over good as we see in countries ravaged by war it should not just be a question of numbers when reports are broadcast of people raped, killed or abducted.  These are people, members of families. It is interesting that suddenly in the war in Gaza and also in Sudan there is a big focus on the number of children who are affected.  Does that   really make us more conscious of the evils of war.” “Isn’t it scary that the prophet Amos was speaking more than 2500 years ago in Israel about the evils that lead to war.”

 Reflect, share, scripture: Thus says the Lord “Go, prophesy to my people Israel.  Your wife shall be a harlot in the city and your sons and daughters shall fall by the sword and your land shall be parcelled out by line. You yourself shall die in an unclean land and Israel shall surely go into exile away from its land. ”  From Amos 7:10-17.  Pope Francis.  Forced migration of families, resulting from situations of war, persecution, poverty and injustice and marked by the conditions that put lives at risk traumatises and destabilises families. AL46.   The development of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the enormous and growing possibilities offered by new technologies have granted war an uncontrollable destructive power over great numbers of innocent civilians.  Never again war!”  FT 258.   ACTION AND PRAYER.  On this 4th July, a big day for the US, what are the signs of the times for children of war to be addressed in our day?