November 22nd.   Bryan spent some time with his personal sharing group.  “Apart from natural disasters like pandemics, floods and earthquakes the wickedness of war has destroyed many lives and split up families.  Even just a year ago were we not looking forward to a post-pandemic renewed world?  But instead the number of wars that are now still being waged around the world have even led Pope Francis to speak of the reality of World War III. Is that not a terrifying reality that we do not seem to be able to control?”  “Are we praying hard enough  that we can all see the evil we are involved in when our leaders and our countries disregard the lives of their own people.”

Scripture: Nation will rise against nation.  There will be great earthquakes and in various places famines and pestilence and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven. Luke 21:5-11.  Pope Francis:  War is the negation of all rights and a dramatic assault on the environment. If we want true integral human development for all, we must work tirelessly to avoid war between nations and peoples.   Never has humanity had such power over itself, yet nothing ensures that it will be used wisely.   We can no longer think of a just war as a solution, because its risks will probably always be greater than its supposed benefits.FT 257-258.  Family Prayer is a special way of expressing and strengthening paschal faith.  A few minutes can be found each day to come together before the living God to tell him our worries, to ask for the needs of our family, to pray for someone having difficulties. AL 318.