June 15.  WMFO Novena Day 3.  Focus on Grandparents,   praying for our grandchildren. 

Patrick said to his gran, “You know what, in the mission Fr G told us fasting and almsgiving isn’t only for Lent, it is for any time and you shouldn’t show off how much weight you have lost, pretending you’re on diet.   Do it as a sacrifice for some special intention.”  Granny told Patrick, “for me it is continuing to pray for each of our grandchildren, and also for other young people that might be in trouble.  At the same time I find I am more conscious of the needs of other elderly people too, and not to forget to thank God every day for Brutus our faithful old dog, our companion for 15 years.”

Reflect, share and act. Scripture:  When you fast anoint your head and wash your face that your fasting may not be seen by men but by your Father who sees in secret and will reward you. Matt 6:16-18.  Pope Francis:   Grandparents and the elderly are also part of our families. Today, a throwaway culture tends to consider the elderly unimportant or even insignificant to society. Instead, old age is a new opportunity to respond to God’s call. The vocation to love is a call at every stage of our lives. The call is two-fold:  what they can offer through experience, patience and wisdom and what they can receive. WMOF.