March 29. They will bear fresh fruit every month because the water flows from the sanctuary. Wherever the rives goes every living creature will live.  Marissa shared in her family group.  “I read a post on facebook that someone discovered that the river Nile originated in South Africa. The town Nylstroom, now called Modimole, in Limpopo, is built alongside the river and the Egyptian government is going to build a big resort there especially for Egyptian tourists. “You lie,” was the response. “Oh well, stranger things have been said,” she answered. “The Nile does have such a magical image, like the Jordan. Rivers and water are a major environmental concern and it has been a most precious resource throughout the ages. 

In our day, due to pollution and the effect of mining, farming and industry unsafe water is found in many places and results in many deaths and the spread of water-borne diseases.  St Francis honoured the gift of water in his Canticles of the Creatures.  Praised be you, my Lord, through Sister Water, who is very useful and humble and precious and chaste.  Most likely, however, in his time and place serious water scarcity and drought would have been unlikely.      

Reflect, share and act. Scripture: The prophet Ezekiel speaks of his vision:  On the banks on both sides of the river there will grow all kinds of trees for food.  Their leaves will not wither nor their fruit fall, but they will bear fresh fruit every month because the water for them flows from the sanctuary. Wherever the rives goes every living creature will live.  Eze 47:1-12.  Pope Francis:  Even as the quality of available water is constantly diminishing in some places there is a growing tendency, despite its scarcity to privatise this resource, turning it into a commodity subject to the laws of the market.  Yet access to safe drinkable water is a basic and universal human right.  Oceans not only contain the bulk of our planet’s water supply but also most of the immense variety of living creatures, many of them still unknown to us and threatened for various reasons.  Marine life in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans is affected by massive waste pollution, especially plastic which is non-biodegradable. LS40.  SA Youth Responsibilities Bill 10.  My responsibility in ensuing the right to live in a safe environment in the context of climate change is to ensure we do not waste scarce resources like water and electricity. Choose an act of love and sacrifice from the list, also published at forms of saving water can be practiced at home. Think of all the possibilities you can choose.