June 12.  Deacon Morris, who was responsible for family life and youth led the conversation, “You’d think that every member of every family or group would agree that swearing falsely is very wrong. But as we see on the news all the time, South Africa seems to be wracked with falsehood and lies.   We have the State Capture Commission and the investigations into lots of COVID shady deals.  What I find particularly disturbing is that other people  support liars and fraudsters.   Why, is it for their own ulterior motives?  Are we afraid?  How do you families speak at home about truth or don’t you?    

 Jesus said, do not swear falsely or by anything.  Let what you say be simply “yes’ or “no” anything more than this comes from the Evil One.  Mat 5:33-37.  

Pope Francis: Together we can seek the truth in dialogue, in relaxed conversation or in passionate debate.   To do so calls for perseverance, it entails moments of silence and suffering, yet it can patiently embrace the broader experience of individuals and peoples. FT 5